Preoperative Planning

By using 1:1 scale model, surgeons can better understand pathology before surgery and pre-shaping surgical instruction to preoperative planning. Therefore, preoperative analysis can enhance precision, shorten operation time, reduce risk, speed up postoperative recovery and improve operation success rate. After analysis, surgeons can use the same model to communicate treatment plan with patients efficiently and thus enhances informed consent.

"3D Printer is a great help in clinical practice" said by well-known surgeon

1. Maxillofacial reconstructive surgery: Easier to assess fracture condition for

sever traumatized patient cases.

2. Orthognathic and dental implant surgery: surgical guide allows

repositioning bones or placing dental implant into desired position.

3. Tumor resection: Print out the tumor to design cutting guide on 3D

anatomical model better to predict surgery result with higher precision.