OMaker expands new vision for digital dentistry with global connection

OMaker-expands new vision for digital dentistry with global connection.

OMaker has been traveling the world to carry out digital medical training and learning. We constantly absorb the world’s top technology and the latest trends to build up a world-class, professional team in dentistry.

Innovative thinking leads the trend and becomes a highlight of Dental South China International Expo.

The innovative idea of “clear aligner for mild case” has brought OMaker to the forefront of many 3D printer manufactures at the Dental South China International Expo this year. OMaker provides exclusive digital services by thinking outside the box. This has once again highlighted that Taiwan is always at the head when it comes to innovation.

OMaker-2019 Dental South China International Expo

Moscow authoritative 3D printing company describes OMT201 as AK-47 in 3D Printer.

3D Osnova is one of the most authoritative 3D printing companies in Moscow. CEO, Sergey Antonyuk describes OMT201 as AK-47, “Its shape is simple, but the high stability and wide application is the main reason why people love OMT201 so much.”

OMaker-Russia Dealer-3D Osnova

Australia’s largest dental laboratory uses 3D printing technology to grasp market trends.

The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA) is the largest dental laboratory in Australia. “We’ve been working with OMaker for four years. The quality and excellent service are unmatched by other 3D printing companies. OMaker always respond to market demand in real time with the right approach. Using 3D printing technology helps us quickly adjust and seize every opportunity. We are looking forward to continuous cooperation with OMaker. Together we can bring more progress and make more possibilities to the dental market,” said by CEO John Scollo.

OMaker-customer-The Dental Solution Australia (TDSA)

OMaker attended major dental event to analyze market trend and create more opportunities.

OMaker sent a team to bring cutting-edge technology back to Taiwan from the world largest dental event, Cologne International Dental Show (IDS). More medical digital applications will be introduced, bringing more advantages to institutions, in the near future. It is going to blow off the whole dental industry. Stay tuned!

OMaker-International Dental Show(IDS)

OMaker dental team is actively taking the essence of dental technology from all continents. We are dedicated to our goal, “Perfect design for dental fabrication. True realizing of medical digitization.” Our vision is to assist doctors around the world to accurately operate the course of treatment and give patients better medical care.