OMaker redesigns logo to advance in 3D service

OMaker redesigns logo to advance in 3D service

OMaker has officially launched a new logo in response to global trends, bringing more complete digital service to the world.


OMaker - previous logo

Assist dental digitization as a pinion gear

OMaker's previous logo adheres to the "spirit of pinion gear," connoting that we are a small gear supporting medical institutions to enhance technology development. We determine to merge 3D printing technology with dental industry in response to the growing demand of customization. So far, OMaker has received many positive feedbacks throughout the world.


Upgrade 3D digital service

OMaker help medical institutions introduce 3D printing into current workflows, opening the door to go digital for doctors. OMaker realizes the dental industry is more dependent on digitization as technology advances. Thus, we take a step further from supporting behind to leading the digitization of dentistry. OMaker uphold the intent of " Perfect design for dental fabrication. True realizing of medical digitization," to provide dentists with turnkey digital solution. Now, OMaker has become the leading brand of dental digitization. New logo represents our transformation and vision to the future.


OMaker - logo

Blend design with SLA 3D printing

Designer uses the concave shape of letter “M” from OMaker to visualize laser light of SLA 3D printing, symbolizing OMaker’s patent SLA 3D printing technology. The ombre halo on top which represents laser light illuminates underneath is the symbol of OMaker’s digital evolution. When rotating the logo by 90 degrees, it shows the word “3D,” connoting that OMaker, as a 3D printer manufacture and will keep on bringing more Taiwan cutting-edge 3D printing technology to all users.



OMaker's new logo has been exposed all over the world, including recent technical training in various countries and 2019 Dental South China Expo. We will continue to provide medical industry comprehensive solutions with the aim of "Perfect design for dental fabrication. True realizing of medical digitization." OMaker will keep working with doctors to optimize digital diagnosis and treatment process and create a better future for the vision of digital dentistry.