Why choose SLA 3D printer?

What is the difference between SLAs and DLP?

3D printing technology (Stereolithography) can be divided into laser light source SLA technology and digital projection DLP technology. Stereolithography through the light source will be liquid photosensitive resin layer curing molding, SLA and DLP are Stereolithography, but the molding technology is not the same.

  • SLA transmits the laser light to the print area through a galvanometer, and the precise calculation of the transmitted points and lines makes up the moving coordinate path of the laser beam.
  • DLP uses the digital projection screen to shape the entire surface, each layer of the image is composed of square pixels.

The main difference between SLA and DLP is in print speed and molding size. DLP for face molding, so print a single fine object faster, the details are good, but also limited by the molding size, such as printing multiple or large objects at the same time may reduce the resolution and affect the work tolerance. In contrast, the SLA does not have a print area limit, and is suitable for mass production, regardless of model size or amount of high resolution consistent across the full print area.

How do I choose the right SLA 3D printer?

All kinds of SLA 3D printers , although the specifications are similar, but the quality of printing and machine stability is different. The first thing to pay attention to when purchasing an SLA 3D printer is whether the manufacturer has a laser calibration file. Although they will claim that the SLA 3D printer has been completed before the laser calibration, but consumers after a period of time, such as the detection of print accuracy run off to re- calibration, often need to return the printer to the original manufacturer, time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, OMaker pioneered each printer shipped with laser calibration files, consumers feel the need for printer calibration, you can import the file to do calibration, greatly saving both time and money.


Will 3D printers be difficult to operate?

OMaker Printing software is easy to operate, with three buttons to easily handle 3D technology.

What file formats are supported?

OMaker Printing software supports STL file format.

How to judge the position of the model support adding?

Support adding is like the 3D printing technology, is also a professional. Support is well set up, can make the work more neat and beautiful, poor support may be unable to grasp the work can not be successfully printed. When adding support, pay attention to avoid the surface more complex, so as not to destroy support in process of damage to the work itself, but also to consider overall structure of the work of the distribution, as far as possible to distribute support evenly in the work of the center of gravity part.

Steps to clean your work

Can be sprayed on the work of 75% medicinal alcohol to make the resin viscous volatile, or resin works can be soaked in medicinal alcohol for about 10 minutes or so.

Is it required to post cure?

After the completion of the printing work has been cured 95%, the remaining 5% can be used 405 wavelength UV light for two times curing, light for about 30-60 minutes. The fully cured work is more complete and more rigid, and the casting success rate is more than 90%.


How long can the laser be used?

OMaker laser nozzles have a one-year warranty and an average life of 10,000 hours. OMaker pioneered the installation of a heat sink inside the machine to prevent the laser nozzle from being damaged during operation due to excessive temperature and shortening the service life.

When do I need to change laser?

In the event of laser failure, the laser nozzle must be replaced. There are usually three stages of laser failure: A. The first stage: the phenomenon of exhaustion is slight, and the printed work may be small due to insufficient output power. B. The second stage: the curing is not complete and the details of the work cannot be fully presented. C. Stage 3: The laser is severely depleted and the work cannot be formed. When the laser exhaustion has reached the third stage, be sure to replace the laser nozzle.

Resin tank maintenance

Clean softer optical silicone part of resin tank with a cotton-free tissue, wipe off the residual resin. The rest can be wiped clean with 75% medicinal alcohol. Because medicinal alcohol can erode optical silicone, it’s not recommended to use medicinal alcohol to clean the inside of resin tank. OMaker's resin is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not hurt resin tank. Resin tank’s life is the highest among the same price labels. Under normal use, one point can be printed about 10,000 times. When the side of resin tank is covered with white spots, you can continue to use it in other direction. When its completely covered with white spots, it must be replaced.

What should I do with the remaining resin after printing?

The remaining resin should not be idle for a long time on resin tank, so as to avoid curing resin to shorten the life of resin tank; Please prepare an opaque empty bottle to save remaining resin. In order to maintain the purity of the resin in the original bottle, do not pour remaining resin back into the original bottle. When pouring empty bottles, filter the impurities and keep in cool, dry placeto store.  

Does OMaker SLA 3D printer can accept third-party resins?

OMaker printing software open users to test the third-party resin, but note that it may be added solvent, easy to damage and shorten the life of resin tank. Also the resin per second of the viscosity, photosensitive are matched, if not adjust the speed will lead to poor printing.

After sales service

How to get technical support?

Nowadays, technology is developed. If customers have any questions on printing, in addition to general email or phone contact, they can also communicate with the business personnel via Skype and other communication software. OMaker can help customers solve more than 70% problems through remote control. If there are major problems with OMaker SLA 3D printer, OMaker will send overseas engineers to solve the problem for customer, or ask the customer to send printer back to OMaker for maintenance. Or you can contact the local agent directly. When OMaker signs a contract with the agent, it will transfer the technology, so that the agent can know how to repair the OMaker equipment. The localized service will improve the efficiency of the sales service and let the consumers print without worries.

If you have other questions, please contact us.